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How to effectively conduct a TM search and avoid chances of Trade Mark Objections or Oppositions ?

There is no one single formula or a straight road to follow as to how one should effectively conduct Trademark Search. It is only after practice and knowledge of Trade Mark laws that one can understand what all Trade Marks can be accepted by the registry.

However there are some common steps one can follow to conduct an effective trademark search. The list below is not exhaustive and you can always look for more ways to conduct TM search in depth and know availability of a particular brand name.


Google Search : Conduct google search for the brand name which you intend to register. Conducting google search primarily provides for whether the brand name that you intend to use previously exists or not, it also helps to look for the similar names that already exists in the market. You can always look for well known marks through google search.


TM Search Engine : Go to IP India official website and look for the TM search tool. The TM search tool provides you to search your brand name or if any other similar name exists.


Third Party Data Providers : There are various online portals which provide the registered TM data.

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